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Workplace Strategy

Our proposed workplace strategy will focus on how to use your space more efficiently and effectively. Recommendations often include moving from cellular (predominantly private office) environments to open plan, or introducing new ways of working and moving to a flexible, activity-based working environment. Flexible working is where the employees have access to a range of work settings, including working at home or on the move, but also share workstations, often referred to as free addressing or hoteling.

Space Planning & Design

Planning your workspace is a team effort that takes creativity, attention to detail, and an understanding of how you work in your space.

Working with your architectural and design firm, our space planning and design services start with in-depth research into your requirements for interior space. After understanding your needs, we prepare a detailed design proposal that includes furniture selection. Then we produce block diagrams of each floor and create preliminary space plans, typicals, and a product budget.

Delivery & Installation

Getting your furniture to the jobsite and installed properly in your space is just as important as selecting your furniture. Your product will be carefully delivered and professionally installed according to your requirements. Our installation team is highly trained and utilizes detailed processes and checklists to make sure that your project is completed accurately.  Our experienced installation crew will ensure timely completion of all projects and on budget.

Furniture Sourcing

Due to changing staffing levels or strategic direction, you may want to add more furniture to your environment, such as workstations, casegoods, seating, storage or filing and more. However, sourcing these items on your own can be very time consuming and costly. And if a particular manufacturer is no longer producing the furniture you need, then you’ll need to wade into the pre-owned market – which only adds to your time and risk burden.

Fortunately, our office furniture sourcing solution is the efficient and cost-effective way to ensure that you get the furniture you need, while avoiding obstacles, challenges and risks.

Project Management

​Some office furniture installation and relocation projects require a number of vendors to complete the office space installation on time. The goal of our project managers is to be the eyes and ears of your office manager and facility manager during the planning, execution and implementation of your office furniture installation or office furniture relocation.  Our project management team provides the expertise you can depend on to translate your office space vision to the contractors, building managers and office furniture installers. From design concept to the realized office furniture installation, our experienced project managers can meet your needs. 

Liquidation Services

When companies move, upgrade or redesign their offices, they can find themselves with furniture they no longer need or want. That’s where our liquidation services comes into play. Furniture liquidation is when a business needs to get rid of a batch of old or unwanted furniture in order to free up space for their new furniture. Vertical Office Solutions has extensive experience helping businesses liquidate their unneeded office furniture. We offer full, turnkey liquidation services for clients here in the DFW Metroplex, as well as nationwide.

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